Code of Ethics


A. Preamble

Master Electricians are expected to conduct themselves in a way that aligns with this Code of Ethics (code). The code does not cover every scenario that Master Electricians may encounter, but all Master Electricians are expected to guide their action by the spirit and intent of this code.

It is recognized that Master Electricians may be subject to more than one code of ethics through professional associations or employment. This code is not intended to conflict with any other code of ethics, and SCOs shall discuss any potential conflicts with the Administrator of Certification.

B. Alberta Master Electricians

Master Electricians shall:

  1. conduct themselves in an ethical, professional, and responsible manner;
  2. carry out their duties in accordance with the Safety Codes Act and other applicable legislation, regulations, bylaws, and policies;
  3. promote and uphold the overriding value of safety in regard to themselves, public well-being, and property;
  4. perform their duties with integrity, independence and objectivity;
  5. conduct work only in areas in which they are qualified ;
  6. maintain competence and endeavor to extend their technical and business knowledge, skills and abilities through ongoing education and professional development;
  7. model a positive regard for the profession and a commitment to the safety codes system in Alberta;
  8. preserve confidentiality with respect to all information that comes to their knowledge from employment, unless the law requires or authorizes disclosure; and
  9. avoid any real or reasonably perceived conflicts of interest.